PICTA Photo Channels

Cloud photos on your Roku

Choose the right channel for your cloud storage provider.

Picta for OneDrive

Link your Microsoft OneDrive account to the Picta for OneDrive channel.

Picta for Amazon Cloud Drive

Link your Amazon Cloud Drive account to the Picta for Amazon Cloud Drive channel.


Full Screen Slide Show

Choose from four different zoom options to best fit your photos to the screen. The slide show loops through a folder's photos and videos.

Video Support

Picta channels will play any video format supported natively by the Roku player. Most videos captured on phone or tablet will not need any conversion to be viewed.

What media file types does the Roku Media Player channel support?

Thumbnail Browsing

Quickly browse your photos visually before launching your slide show.

Full Account Navigation

Full account photo browsing, not limited to a Camera Roll or Pictures folder.

Select your Picta Channel

Picta for OneDrive


One time charge
Requires a Microsoft OneDrive account

Picta for Amazon Cloud Drive


One time charge
Requires an Amazon Cloud Drive account

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